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Sarah Perry - INOV8 Ambassador: Setting Records on the South West Coast Path (630 Miles) with a Fastest Self-Supported Completion

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Sarah Perry is an ultra-runner, dedicated educator, and INOV8 ambassador with a passion for the outdoors and pushing her limits. On this episode of the Tough Girl Podcast, Sarah shares her journey from her Yorkshire roots to breaking records on the South West Coast Path (SWCP).

Living in Cumbria and working in adult education, Sarah balances her career with her love for long-distance running. Growing up with family holidays in the Lakes, Wales, and Scotland, she developed a love for the hills. After lockdown, Sarah sought a healthier balance, moving to a greener environment and embracing running for the joy it brings.

In March 2024, Sarah set a new British backyard running record, showcasing her mental resilience and strategic approach to ultra-running. Her most notable achievement came with her record-breaking, self-supported run of the SWCP, covering 630 miles in 13 days, 11 hours, and 31 minutes. Despite a failed attempt in 2023 due to injury, her meticulous planning and determination led to success.

As an INOV8 ambassador, Sarah discusses her favourite gear and the support she receives from the brand. She also talks about the importance of community and staying motivated, even when balancing a full-time job with intense training.

Looking ahead, Sarah is preparing for future challenges, including the 13 Valleys Ultra in September and the Winter Spine in January 2025. Her story highlights the power of dreaming big, learning from failures, and the importance of detailed planning.

Tune in to hear Sarah Perry's story, her adventures on the SWCP, and her advice for women looking to elevate their running: "Dream big and don’t forget the spreadsheet!" Connect with Sarah on social media to follow her journey and upcoming challenges.


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Show notes

  • Who is Sarah - Teacher, dog mum & ultra-runner.  

  • Living in Cumbria and working in adult education 

  • Doing a little bit of longer distance running!

  • Running the South West Coast Path (SWCP) 

  • Breaking the record (self supported) 630 miles in 13 days, 11 hours and 31 mins

  • Growing up in Yorkshire

  • Making a change after lockdown and deciding to move somewhere greener

  • Having an older brother and being quite competitive 

  • Having family holiday in the Lakes, Wales and Scotland and doing lots of walking in the hills

  • Not having the healthiest balance with running when she first started in her early 20s

  • Trying to gain control in her life

  • Why your 20s can be so stressful 

  • Using running as an escape and a tool for finding herself 

  • Running for the love of it and not doing super structured training programs

  • Setting a new British backyard running record in March 2024

  • What is a backyard ultra?

  • 4.2 miles per lap, going out on the hour, every hour until 1 person is left. 

  • The mental side of a back yard ultra - and the tactics involved?

  • Getting her head down and doing her own thing.

  • 52 mins for each lap - approx 8/10 mins to recover

  • What goes on during the rest break

  • Not wanting to run until she dropped

  • The reality of running while having a job and living

  • Staying in the zone and thinking of the small things 

  • Becoming an INOV8 ambassador 

  • Favourite INOV8 Trainers - Trailfly 

  • Fell shoe - INOV8 Mudtalon Speed 

  • Attempting to run the SWCP last year in 2023 and needing to stop on day 3 due to an injury 

  • The reason for going self supported

  • Planning for the SWCP

  • Trying to figure out how far to run each day….

  • Working out ferry crossings, food and water stops

  • Living out the adventure via the spreadsheet, before even stepping on the path

  • Needing to fail the first time, in order to understand what it would take to go again

  • Training and getting mentally ready

  • Hill sessions, back to back running and a few structured sessions

  • Being worried about safety

  • Needing to embrace all the things that you can’t control 

  • Being able to zone out while on the trail and visualising the end goal

  • Facing challenges everyday while out on the SWCP

  • The weather and the mud…

  • Highlights from the run

  • Why there were more positive moments, than negative 

  • The final 20 miles…

  • Having to dig so deep

  • How to connect with Sarah on social media

  • Future challenges and goals 

  • 13 Valleys Ultra in September 

  • The Winter Spine - January 2025 

  • Final words of advice for women who want to take their running to the next level

  • Why you should dream big

  • Don’t forget the spreadsheet! 


Social Media

Instagram: @sarahperry19917 


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