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REVIEW 👟ROCFLY G 350 MEN'S - World’s first waterproof hiking shoe with Graphene foam, supercharging your feet for endless adventure

Cost: £150 #gifted 

Weight: 350g / 12.3 oz

Highlights: Waterproof, Cushioning Maximum, Urban Trail, Multi-Day Hike, Vegan

Challenge: 1

North Island, New Zealand - Te Ararora Trail - 40 days / 1,068km / 664 miles 


*I’ve worked with Inov8 since 2020 and have been gifted their trainers and clothes. But I would not still be wearing them if they didn’t work. 

I film all my challenges - and you can see how much wear and tear they go through. 

My review is 100% honest. As much as I love Inov8 and highly recommend them. Their trainers have to work for YOU and everyone’s feet are slightly different. You need to test them out - and see how they fit. 

On to the review. 

  • They are super comfortable and are amazing on multi-way hikes. They really can take a battering. I could probably still get a few more miles out them. 

  • They are really light on your feet - which can make a massive difference, when you are walking for long periods of time. 

  • The grip is sensational - surprisingly so - especially when walking on wet rocks etc. 

  • The insoles are removable- so you can take them out to dry them. (Or replace them with your own)

They were phenomenal for me - no complaints at all - they did an incredible job and I 100% recommend them. ️️️️️

However, With trainers - ANY trainers -  the key thing is - no matter how good the shoe, how well made, the quality etc. If they don’t fit your feet - it’s not going to work for you. You need to test them out to see. 

@Inov_8 are going to be at the @NationalOutdoorExpo  (23rd - 24th March) In Birmingham - they have a stand - pop by and say hi (say I sent you ) and try them on!!!


You can get a 15% discount buying online - by following this link - 

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