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Terra Roam became the first woman to walk 17,000km, solo and unsupported around Australia!

Tough Girl - Jessica Hepburn - Author of 21 Miles and The Pursuit of Motherhood. She’s swan the English Channel, run the London Marathon and is going after Mount Everest next!

For the past 4 years, Terra has been walking solo and unsupported around Australia. On the 2nd May 2018 Terra became the first woman to walk the 17,000kms + to complete this challenge.

During this podcast, Terra shares more about the challenges she has faced, why she has kept motivated and what she has learned from pushing her body to the limits.

Terra talks very frankly about her life and the journey she has been on, she also provides top tips and advice on why and how you should start your next challenge.

Terra is currently staying put for a short time, while she writes a book and prepares for her next challenge!

In November this year, Terra will be starting her next challenge which is to cycle tour around Australia! She expects this will take her about 2 years to achieve!

Throughout the last 20 to 30 years having the freedom to roam has helped Terra in many ways including physical and mental health, self-awareness and peace.

** Please note we do talk about mental health issues from depression, PTSD, and attempted suicide**


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Show notes

  • Being based in Adelaide and writing a book

  • Who is Terra?

  • Starting wandering from a young age and allowing nature to teach her and guide her

  • Moving to the Snowy Mountains in 1988

  • Having confidence in herself

  • Heading over New Zealand at 19 on a theatre trip and becoming addicted to travel

  • Getting the idea to walk around the Australia. Being inspired as a 12 years old by Robyn Davidson’s book - Tracks

  • Dealing with mental health issues, from depression to PTSD and hospitalised after attempting to take her own life in 2010

  • The Happy Walk - walking the first 1600 km for suicide prevention

  • Not being able to cope any longer and reaching out for help

  • Using nature as therapy and being scared of medication

  • Writing down the highlights in her life and noticing they were all adventure.

  • Giving herself 2 years to get ready to walk Australia and figuring out how to do it alone

  • Not letting the fear in

  • Money and how she paid for the challenge, and why she turned to crowd funding towards the end

  • Planning to walk for 7 years originally and having to change her plan

  • Deciding to start with Tasmania (10 week, 1250 km)

  • Stopping to have tumours removed and then waiting for the next season to start walking again

  • Mental health during her trip and loving the solitude that it provided

  • Dealing with flashbacks and relapses during the trip

  • The physically scary moments and getting to meet incredible people along the way

  • How her body coped on the roads while following a vegan diet

  • Bulking up between each section

  • The next expedition! Roam for Eva - starting in September 17th and finish in November 2020

  • Writing a book at the moment - a collection of short adventure stories

  • Using Patreon to fund her next adventure

  • Being stubborn when she wants to do something

  • Being diagnosed with Aspergers later on in life

  • What she’s learnt most from this experience and why it’s about going with the flow

  • Advice for other women who want to take on a big challenge

  • Dealing with the question - ‘Are you scared?


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