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#10 Finishing the adventure in Hobart!

#10 Finishing the adventure in Hobart!

  • Day 8: Fergys Paddock to Hobart

  • Distance: 5km walk, bus to Hobart

  • Weather: Misty and a little cold in the morning, starting to rain later on during the day

  • Accommodation: Hostel with my Aussie pal - Tanith

  • Food: breakfast (bacon & eggs) + hot chocolate $22/£11 at Lake St Claire, I then ate my snacks on the bus

  • Travel Costs: - Coach $46.50/£24 - I got dropped of at my accommodation in Hobart

It’s was pretty cold on the night and it was raining all night long. I didn’t want to get out of bed, but I needed to pee! I put my poncho on and headed out. It was 7 am by this point so it was time to get everything packed up. I managed to pack everything up while still in the tent dry. The tent is totally soaked, not much I can do about it!

A quick 10 min walk down the gravel path and I was at the cafe and visitor centre at Lake St Clare. The visitor centre opened at 8am and I got my free 30 mins of WiFi and managed to get all my what’s app messages and emails.

I can get transport from the visitor centre to Hobart for $85 or I can walk 5k down the road to get a local bus service (which only runs on a Tuesday and Friday) this option is about $40 cheaper and will get me into Hobart a lot earlier on in the day.

The 5k was a straight forward easy road walk. With the bus collection point at the hotel. I have an hour to wait for the bus. If they had WiFi It would have been perfect!!

It was a beautiful journey into Hobart, we stopped twice on the way and the journey took about 3hrs….. the bus drive was great and dropped me off outside my accommodation. Tanith wasn’t arriving until midnight, so I had a few hours to sort myself out. I checked in, and headed straight out to the laundrette to get all my clothes washed!!! After 8/9 days without a shower…. everything was starting to smell. After getting my clothes washed and smelling clean again, I finally had a much needed shower!! BLISS!!!

Now to relax and enjoy beautiful Hobart! I can’t wait to do some exploring!!!

Some of the sites from Hobart - I especially enjoyed the street art and visiting Mona!


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