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#8 - THE most BEAUTIFUL section of the OVERLAND TRACK!

#8 - THE most BEAUTIFUL section of the OVERLAND TRACK!

  • Day 7: Bert Nichols Hut to Narcissus Hut

  • Distance: 10.1 km

  • Ascent / Descent: 165m/310m

  • Weather: dry, a little bit cloudy, with a hint of rain

  • Accommodation: my tent! ️


💗This has to be one of the most beautiful sections on the Overland walk - every view was magnificent, there was so much to see, and the scenery seemed to be changing all the time. The walk was a lot easier today, very flat, not much elevation gain or loss, the path was pretty dry as well.

The route runs parallel to the Narcissus River for most of the day, but a lot of the times you can’t really see it. You can hear the birds! 🦅

I reached the junction (5.7k to this point) with the turn off to Pine Valley Hut. I wasn’t going to have enough time to do the full walk, but I wanted to see the 2 suspension bridges, on the way.

The first bridge was 2 mins away and totally worth going to see and the next bridge was another 20 mins walk (there and 20 mins back), which wasn’t quite as good as the first. But it was still really nice walking out to it.

I probably should have left my pack at the junction to make it a little bit easier!

🥾From the junction it was 4.4km to the next hut. I met a ranger on the way and we chatted for a while and ticked me off her list of hikers!

⛰ You can see Mt Olympus in the background getting closer with every step. The boardwalk let to the 3rd suspension bridge is the day which took me across the Narcissus River. Only 1.2km to go!

🐁 Narcissus Hut can sleep 18 people, however I wasn’t too keen to sleep there. My cicerone guide book said “the hut can erupt with mice after dark” - no thank you!!! I’ll be spending the night in my tent / mice free. 🐭

From this point you have the choice of either walking the final 17k to the finish or you can take a ferry across Lake St. Clair.

🚤 As much as I love a good boat ride - not for $50 for 20 mins!

Plus I was here to walk!! So final day on the overland track tomorrow- thanks so much for reading these updates.

🎥 Make sure to follow tough girl challenges on YouTube 😀


Watch the vlog NOW!


📚 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress - Cicerone has a new guide book which launched on the 15th Feb - with everything you need to know about hiking the Overland Track 😀 Head to for more info.



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