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#9 Final day on the Overland Track!

#9 Final day on the Overland Track!

  • Day 8: Narcissus Hut to Fergys Paddock (about 600 m from Cynthia Bay and Lake St Clair Visitor Centre)

  • Distance: 17km

  • Ascent/descent - pretty flat

  • Weather: Misty and a little cold in the morning, starting to rain later on during the day

  • Accommodation: camping Fergys paddock (free) ️ ⛺️

  • Food: dinner at the restaurant in Lake St. Claire ( burger 🍔 and chips 🍟, glass of wine🍷 $34, ice-cream🍦 $5.50 & hot chocolate ☕️ $6.50)

🥾 Final day of walking in the Overland Track!

I had a leisurely morning, chatting to the hikers who were going to be getting the ferry service.

🚤 I popped down to the Jetty and to be honest is it a pretty awesome way to finish the journey.

The view of the lake from the jetty was really spectacular and well worth walking out to. It only took a few mins.

I had a 17k walk and head of me around the right hand side of the lake.

After getting everything packing up it was about 11am before I left.

Lots of boardwalks, very muddy I’m sections, lots of fallen down trees, quite a few bridges and stepping stones. You don’t get to see the lake a huge amount. Just glimpses here and there through the trees.

The first point of interest was Echo Point Hut (6.5k) which is- very battered and old looking. It has a coal burning stove 🔥 .

It does has a little problem with rats🐀! So there is a metal storage container for you food and backpacks if you are staying the night. There is a jetty out to the lake and a cute little sand beach 🏝 . Very secluded and very quiet. An ideal place for some self reflection. It took about 1hr 30 to reach the cabin. I stayed for a few mins having some snacks and water.