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Tina Muir is a 2:36 marathoner and Great Britain runner who recently shocked the running world by ta

Tina created the Running for Real Community to foster a healthy mindset around running. This is a space where runners can explore, embrace, and get better from setbacks through inspiring podcasts, videos, and blog posts, and most importantly, sharing thoughts and experiences. Behind every personal best, there are plenty of personal not-so-bests, from beating ourselves up about just-missed PRs to the injury blues to embarrassing falls. Running can really hurt, but we don’t have to go through it alone.


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Show notes

  • Moving over to America at 18 in 2007

  • Meeting her husband in the States

  • Running when she was younger

  • Doing cross country at school and hiding in the toilets

  • Making the school team and coming 4th in a competition

  • Deciding she wanted to win

  • Joining a running club

  • Being coached by Brad Plummer in the UK

  • Deciding to leave her family and friends to go to America, but knowing it was the right thing to do

  • How training in America is very different to training in the UK

  • Loving the routine and living the running lifestyle

  • Running 7 days a week

  • quantity verses quality in running

  • Training for different race distances from 800m to 10K on the track

  • Learning how to run on tired training

  • Loving the 5k race distance

  • Being emotionally drained while running

  • Where she gets her drive and determination from

  • Wanting to wear the GB Vest

  • How to qualify for the GB Team and the stress behind trying to qualify

  • Achieving her lifetime goals of representing Great Britain

  • Running 2.36 mins

  • Running by feel and not looking at her watch

  • Trying to break the 2.40 barrier

  • Her favourite part of London Marathon - crossing Tower Bridge

  • Time to Say Goodbye: When You Have Grown Apart From What You Love the Most

  • Falling out of love with running

  • Not having a period for 9 years

  • Her identity and how it was/is tied into being a runner

  • Talking to her husband about her decision and having to make her own decision

  • Speaking to doctors and experts about her period and not being able to get an answer

  • Book - No Period Now What

  • Telling the world and being honest with the world

  • Her plan for the future

  • Freedom to decide what she wants to do and looking for joy

  • Deciding to start a podcast and the reasons behind it - Live from April 14th

  • The Running for Real Community

  • It’s not about comparison - it’s about you!

  • Being real about running!


Social Media

Facebook - Running for Real

Twitter - @tinamuir

Instagram - @tinamuir88



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