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Tips for Recovery

  • Epsom salts in a hot bath - Westlab (Approx. £2.50)

  • Soak in the bath for 20 mins

  • Also check out Deadsea salts & Himalayan Salts

  • Compression Gear - Skins & 2XU

  • 2XU Calf guards (for training and recovery)

  • Protein Powder - PHD Diet Whey Protein

  • L-Glutamine from Lamberts

  • Protein Shake - berries, flax seed, walnuts, brazil nuts, chia seeds, miso seeds - made with water

  • Taking Magnesium before bed - helps with muscle cramps and sleep

  • Sleep for recovery

  • Not setting an alarm, having a power nap during the day

  • Water - hydration! Make sure you sip water through out the day

  • Electrolytes - before, during & after training

  • Using Vapour Rub to help your muscles!

  • Looking after your feet - massage feet

  • Cryotherapy

  • Massages

  • Form rolling

  • Using a golf ball

  • Food- you have to fuel your body appropriately

  • Eating good fats and having a high protein diet



Do you have any top tips for recovery?

Share below!



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