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Veronica Ribot de Cañales - retired diver, 3x Olympian, becoming an SUP racer and Yogi in her late 5

Veronica Ribot de Cañales - retired diver, 3x Olympian, becoming an SUP racer and Yogi in her late 50s!

Verónica is a retired diver from Argentina. She earned a spot in the Olympic finals with appearances in 1980 (Moscow, Russia), 1984 (Los Angeles, Calif.), 1988 (Seoul, South Korea) and 1992 (Barcelona, Spain), with best finishes of eighth on the platform and 10th on the springboard, both at the 1992 Games. She was the only female competitor to make finals in both events in Barcelona. She is a 12-time South American champion (1980-92) while competing for her native country of Argentina, winning championships on the 1-meter and 3-meter springboards and the platform. Ribot-Canales later captured a pair of U.S. national titles in the 3-meter in 1992 and 1993 before retiring in 1996 after her fourth year as a member of the U.S. national team.

Veronica’s journey continued on from being a very driven and competitive diver at the international level, to taking up SUP racing and yoga in her late 50s. Veronica shares more about her life, the challenges she has faced and overcome and how she stays physically active, especially while training in all kinds of weather. At the same time she is also deepening her yoga practice, while opening her heart, experiencing gratitude and abundance, and inspiring others.


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Show notes

  • Who is Veronica in her own words

  • Getting into SUP - doing both SUP yoga and racing in the summer

  • Her childhood - being born in Argentina and growing up in the Bahamas

  • Getting into diving and swimming at 8 years old

  • How she progressed in diving

  • Potential being able to dive for Argentina in the Olympics!

  • The Pan American Games

  • How her diving career progressed

  • What it’s been like at the Olympics and how it has changed over the years

  • Competing at the olympic level - and dealing with the stress and pressure

  • the mental training they did

  • Positive and negative stress

  • Perfection and the issues

  • The biggest challenge she had to face and overcome in her career

  • Coaching at Cornell

  • Tips and tricks for coaching

  • Losing your “who am I”

  • Suffering from depression

  • Moving across the country with 2 small children

  • Going through a divorce

  • Being the only female diving coach

  • Starting yoga and how it helped change her life

  • Deciding to become a yoga instructor

  • SUP racing and winning!

  • Plans for 2019

  • No comparisons allowed


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Yoga Website -

Instagram - @olympicheartyogi


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