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Performance Testing

Jack Clover is one of the amazing coaches at the UTS gym which I attend. I normally do strength training with Jack twice a week, on a Tuesday and Thursday morning. He offered a free performance testing session which I thought would be a great idea to do. I really wanted to know my body fat percentage. I knew it would have been very low back in November, but since then I've gradually been putting on weight!

I was pleasantly surprised when it came out at 18%. I was happy with that. I don’t think I function that well, when my fat levels go to low but I do love the muscle definition. It’s a bit of a trade-off between looking good and being healthy!

I’ll get myself tested again in two months’ time to see the changes. My short term goals are going to be working on my pull ups, doing a 100kg deadlift and also starting to plan for the MDS in 2016.

Performance Testing JC_edited.png

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