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Tough Girl - Lisa Williams - Swam across the English Channel!

This is an episode not to be missed, especially if you’re interested in swimming or want to know more about open water swimming.

Lisa Williams is a down to earth normal woman in her thirties, who has gone on to do an extraordinary challenge. Lisa has just swam the English Channel, the 21 miles from England over to France!

During this podcast, Lisa explains how she first got into swimming as a young girl and why she decided to take it up again later on in life. She clearly explains the differences, and gives awesome actionable tips on how to get involved in swimming through masters clubs, and how to make an individual sport - fun and sociable. It has certainly encouraged me to go for a swim, but definitely in a heated pool!

Let Lisa tell you more about the challenges involved in training for the English Channel swim, the hours of dedication over a two and half year training plan and having to put on over two stone in weight!

Lisa is knowledgeable and passionate about swimming and she will also inspire you to give it a go - Like all the challenges we talk about on the Tough Girl Podcast, it's not just about swimming the English Channel and doing a massive challenge. It’s about getting fit, active and doing something fun for YOU.

Swimming may or may not be right for you but it’s fascinating to hear about her experience of what she went though to raise money for an incredible charity - The Royal Marsden Cancer Charity. To donate any amount large or small please donate here.

Lisa has a Blog where she has recorded the day to day trials of training for the swim. She’s also on twitter @lisa_j_williams. I’m also on twitter @_TOUGH_GIRL. Once you’ve listened to the podcast do send us a tweet and let us know!

It would be great to hear from you.

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