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Download Goals for the Tough Girl Podcast 2015

You probably realise I love setting myself goals and challenges and I wanted to do the same with the Tough Girl Podcast. I am going to set 1 HUGE Goal and a few smaller, more achievable goals.

My 1 HUGE goals is to go for 100,000 downloads and I would love to do this by 31st December 2015. However, I would need to be having approx 20,000 downloads each month! I do have to be a little realistic so instead I would like to get 100,000 downloads by the anniversary of the Tough Girl Podcast launch which was August 4th 2016.

This is probably a bit more realistic and achievable!

To keep momentum building, I will focus in on the downloads for each month and aim to double each month until December. That’s the plan anyway!!


Aug - 931 - Total downloads


September - 1,862 (2k)

October - 3,724 (4k)

November - 7,448 (8k)

December - 14,896 (15k)

Please do help to spread the awareness of the Tough Girl Podcast and what its all about - Motivating and inspiring women and girls; to do more & be more, get fit & active, travel & explore, dream big, turn dreams into reality and to live life to the fullest.

Here are the links: iTunes - Soundcloud - Stitcher

If you have any ideas how I can achieve these goals, please comment below or send me an e-mail !

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