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GOAL for 2016 - 100,000 Downloads of the Tough Girl Podcast

Ever since I started the Tough Girl Podcast back in August 2015 I’ve had this figure in my head.

I knew I wanted to achieve this in downloads.

I know its a BIG number. - its a HUGE number!

I also don’t know how achievable it is or realistic it is to have this as a goal….But sometimes, you have to throw caution to the wind and aim really high.

I have to go for it, I have to try.

I need to believe I can make this happen and I’ll reach this number by the 31st December 2016….

To be 100% transparent with you at the end of 31st December I had had, 13,311 downloads!

Which broke down monthly as follows.

Aug - 931

Sept - 2,908

Oct - 3,282

Nov - 2,751

Dec - 3,439

So in the next 12 months I need to have 86,689 episodes downloaded!

Which means every week I need to hit 1,667 downloads which daily is 238!

Achievable? I actually don’t know!

Based on my numbers at the moment, I think it will be a massive ask. But you just don’t know what’s going to happen in the future!!

One thing I’ve realised is it takes time to build anything. But if I can get one person to listen to it, then I can get 10, if I can get 10 I can get 100. If I can 100, I can 1,000. If I can get 1,000 - I can get 10,000…..

I can do this - maybe not in a year - but hopefully I’ll get close. But do you know what if it takes longer than a year, I’m ok with that as well!!

The Tough Girl Podcast is building a name and I’m building up the brand. People are sharing it, people are talking about it and people are enjoying it. People are being inspired by it and that’s awesome.

It’s an incredible feeling to share these stories and to help women and girls get inspired, to give them the little bit of confidence it takes for them to try something new for the first time.

I love the content I’m putting out. The women I’ve been speaking with have been epic. Their stories are just so inspirational and I feel privileged to have the opportunity to share them with my listeners.

I obviously want more women and girls to hear them! To make this happen - these are my commitments to me and to you!

  • I will make sure I continue to put out high quality episodes every Tuesday. Keeping them varied, interesting and inspiring.

  • I will ask people to subscribe to the podcast and to leave reviews on iTunes and to share with their friends and family.

  • I will continue to tweet about episodes; past, present and future and I will put out the content on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and on this blog.

  • I will talk about my work and share what I’m doing with interested people.

  • I will promote the Tough Girl Podcast to the best of my ability every day.

  • I will get a sponsor for the Tough Girl Podcast.

If you have any ideas or suggestions about what I can do to achieve my goal of 100,000 downloads, please let me know! I would love to hear from you. Please either e-mail me at or comment below.

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