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Cazz Lander - running ultras, doing 12 challenges in 12 months & training to row the pacific ocean!

Charlene Gibson - Oldest British women to summit Cho Oyu in 2016 and now heading to climb Ama Dablam in 2018!

Cazz has developed a liking for taking on challenges that usually involve her walking long distances, running long distances, or swimming long distance! She’s a big fan of spontaneous adventures, dancing in the rain and eating cake!

In June 2018, Cazz is pushing the boat out (pun intended) and rowing 2400 miles across the Pacific Ocean, she’s competing in the Great Pacific Race! Along with two other women she’ll row from California to Hawaii in a 26ft Ocean Rowing Boat! There aim is to be the first ever crew of three (male or female) to row the Pacific and the youngest crew of three females to row any ocean in the world!


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Show notes

  • Growing up

  • Taking a gap year, travelling around South East Asia and going off to university

  • Her passion for sports and adventure, being new to the adventure scene

  • Travelling solo at 18 and being encouraged to go by her parents

  • Playing sports at school and loving athletics even though she’s not amazing at it!

  • Her first big challenge or challenges - 12 challenges in 12 months!

  • Wanting to get better at running

  • 100K around the Isle of Wight

  • Her first 5K and her fear of coming last

  • What she learnt from her first ultra which she has used going forward

  • Going from a half marathon straight to an ultra!

  • Not having a plan for her first ultra….

  • Being scared of running through the night

  • Hitting the bad patches through the race and pushing through

  • Where her resilience and determination comes from

  • Liking the pain and wanting to prove people wrong

  • Being broken after the race.. & losing 6 toe nails after the event

  • Blisters…. How can they stop you from running?

  • Planning… or not planning and just going in at the deep end.

  • What she learnt from doing 12 challenges in 12 months

  • Being happier being around the water

  • How the pacific row came about…

  • Getting to the start line, the crew changes and raising the money needed

  • The money!! £80,000 for a crew of 4…

  • Rowing for MIND and to raise awareness for plastic pollution

  • The Great Pacific Race

  • Breaking down the planning while working full time

  • What she thinks the biggest challenge will be

  • Testing the boat and preparing for bad weather

  • Keeping the motivation going while training and why having a Personal Trainer helps

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

Personal Website -

Facebook: @cazz.lander

Instagram: @cazzlander

Pacific Terrific -

Instagram: @pacificterrific

Twitter: @PacTerrCrew


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