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Della Parsons - Quit her job to sail around the world with Clipper Yacht Race!

Tough Girl - Meike Stones  “Powered By Me” - A year-long human-powered lifestyle adventure

An adrenaline junkie, Della has completed marathons, 100km walks and skydives, and is currently into walking, cycling and photographing nature along the way.

Della was a circumnavigator on Hull and Humber in the 09-10 Clipper Race and then returned for numerous legs of the 11-12 race as a videographer/producer with then Clipper Race documentary makers, North One. She now works for Clipper helping to inspire other people to take on the challenge of a life time!

The race was the challenge of a lifetime for Della, and there were times during training and the event that she didn’t think it was possible. During this podcast we learn more about Della, what drives her and why she wanted to take on this challenge!

“The race was a hugely challenging, positive and inspiring experience for me. It was a huge learning curve and it did change my life”


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Show notes

  • Who is Della?

  • Why she wants to live an adventurous life

  • Being happiest in nature and having a love of the water

  • What is was like for her growing up

  • Adventurous jobs and leaving home at 18!

  • How she got into sailing!

  • Wanting to make a change - but not being brave enough

  • Having no money…

  • Starting her training and not knowing what to expect

  • Getting out of her rut and what she has leant

  • Achieving all of her goals

  • Having a career break - Doing Camp America & doing a ski season!

  • Following her gut instinct and knowing she wanted to sail around the world

  • Making the decision and getting to the start line

  • Using your friends and working with other women to make it happen - make sure you do ask for help

  • 9 months to get ready for the first stage of the race

  • Working with local school so children could follow the race

  • Going in with an open mind and her first day stepping onto the boat

  • When reality struck… and getting to meet new people on each leg of the trip

  • The days that stand out! The good and the bad!

  • Dealing with challenges while out on the sea…

  • Reflecting back on what she learnt from the experience

  • Having more confidence in her own abilities

  • Working for the Clipper Yacht Race!


Social Media Links

Learn more about Della

Della’s Website

Clipper Yacht Race

Clipper Yacht Race Website

Twitter - @ClipperRace


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