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Nicky Chisholm - 52, a self-confessed adventurer, loves a challenge, delights in cold shenanigans

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Nicky is a self-confessed adventurer, loves a challenge, delights in cold shenanigans and is ready to embrace the next stage of her adventure life. Her super powers are making things happen and connecting people and she is the Queen of pushing herself out of her comfort zone.

Nicky lives in Brighton with her husband, 2 teenage boys and Daisy the camper van.

At 52 her adventure journey has changed many times over the years, from a 20-year-old canoeing and sailing instructor, to a Mum with young children teaching them to embrace the outdoors through camping, building dens and cooking on open fires. Her boys are now in their late teens now and are slowly flying the nest, it is here she finds herself, ready to embrace the next stage of her adventure journey.

Her adventures have included; fire walks, abseiling down castles, coast steering, a cross country ski marathon in the Arctic Circle, a wing walk and running a half marathon in Greenland which included training in an Environmental Cold Chamber at the University of Sussex at minus 20!


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Show notes

  • Her love of adventure

  • How her adventure journey has changed as she’s gotten older

  • Where her adventurous spirit came from

  • Being inspired by her dad

  • Why you can have adventures on your doorstep

  • What does adventure mean to Nicky

  • Why adventure is so many things

  • Why you can fit adventure around your life

  • Why adventure is there for the taking, but you may have to be creative.

  • Her first job working in a water sports centre

  • Working for World Challenge

  • Having children and going camping with 2 young children

  • Making adventure part of family life

  • Having to put solo adventures on hold with having a young family

  • Parrot hunting on the Amazon (finding and taking photos)

  • Going to the Artic Circle to do a cross -country ski marathon

  • Doing a big challenge every year from 40 - 50 to raise money for charity

  • Being drawn to the cold

  • Needing to do the training to enjoy the experience

  • Planning future challenges

  • Running her own business for 18 years

  • Deciding to go wing walking!

  • Doing a fire walk

  • Feeling empowered after doing challenges and stepping outside her comfort zone

  • Doing a half marathon in Greenland at 50 (a big, bold, cold, challenge)

  • Deciding to step down from her business

  • Liking a spreadsheet and being organised with her training

  • Working with a specialist performance coach

  • Working with the Environmental Extremes Lab at Sussex University

  • Getting to experience minus 20 and the impact on her body

  • Being set up for success and learning how to manage herself in extreme conditions

  • Going to Greenland and why it was outside her comfort zone

  • Learning how to deal with panic on the start line

  • Turning panic into power

  • Wanting to run a happy race and take it all in

  • Dealing with the adventure blues

  • Completing a 5k sea swim

  • Working with Genny Brown and helping her with her social media

  • Looking at the North Pole Marathon

  • Svalbard?

  • Daisy

  • How to connect with Nicky on the socials

  • Working with Outside & Active

  • Wanting to elevate women

  • Final words of advice for other women

  • Make an Adventure Action List

  • Find people who inspire you

  • Take mini steps


Social Media

Instagram: @daisyvw1

Facebook: @nicky.chisholm

Nicky runs an annual event in Brighton to celebrate International Women's Day (8th March), she organises a mega sea swim for over 500 "mermaids" supporting surfers against sewage.

Land and Wave are an Official Event Partner. Join her Saturday March 9th 2024


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