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Mya-Rose Craig - “Bird Girl” - 18-year-old British Bangladeshi top world teen birder

Michelle Griffith-Robinson - Former GB Olympian, wife, mother of 3, lifestyle coach, personal trainer and Ambassador for Diabetes UK

Mya-Rose in her own words:

“I love birds and wildlife & am a naturalist, conservationist and environmentalist wanting to save our planet and everything on it. I believe that we have to do everything we can to save the environment from damage and I want to try and persuade as many people about that as possible, especially those in power.

Birding in different countries has given me the opportunity to see the damage being inflicted on places and the indigenous peoples who live in them, by our consumerism in the Global North. I believe that climate activism must demand global climate justice which is not happening at the moment.

I am an anti-racism activist, writer, speaker, journalism and broadcaster. I have had over four and a half million views on my blog, from around the world.

I am also an anti-racism activist and campaigner, fighting for Visible Minority (VME) Ethnic people to have equal access to nature and wildlife films. I also fight for the rights of indigenous peoples especially against the conservation movement.”


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Show notes

  • How she got the name “Bird Girl”

  • Her passion for birding

  • What twitching is

  • How does bird watching work?

  • Being a competitive bird watcher when she was younger

  • Seeing over half the world birds!

  • Her favourite place to birdwatch

  • A favourite bird….

  • Birding in Brazil

  • Female role models in birding

  • Being inspired by - Phoebe Snetsinger

  • Liking birding in a non scientific way

  • Wanting to study Politics and International Relations at University

  • Her passion for the environment and life as an activist

  • Black to Nature

  • Being involved in campaigns

  • Dealing with the pressure of an online presence

  • Starting a conversation about race

  • Being an Ambassador for Bristol 2015 focusing on green issues

  • Maintaining momentum

  • Planning….

  • Learning new skills

  • Advice and tips for people who want to get into activism

  • Why you do have a voice

  • The power of talking about what you care about

  • Making sure not to burn yourself out

  • ‘C’ Licence - what is it?

  • Birdwatching in the UK

  • Advocating for trees and why they are so important

  • Plans for the future

  • Gaining in confidence

  • Having difficult conversations

  • Final words of advice


Social Media

Instagram @BirdgirlUK

Twitter @BirdgirlUK


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