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Alicia Doyle - Journalist & Author of ‘Fighting Chance’, winner of 2 Golden Gloves championship

Michelle Griffith-Robinson - Former GB Olympian, wife, mother of 3, lifestyle coach, personal trainer and Ambassador for Diabetes UK

Fighting Chance is written by Alicia Doyle, an award-winning journalist who discovered boxing at age twenty-eight in the late 1990s when she went on assignment at a boxing gym for at-risk youth called Kid Gloves.

For two years, she simultaneously worked as a newspaper reporter while training and competing as a boxer, making her one of only a few hundred women in America who infiltrated this male-dominated sport.

During her boxing career, she won two Golden Gloves championship titles and earned three wins by knockout – and her pro debut at age thirty in the year 2000 was named The California Female Fight of the Year. Fighting Chance offers an inside look at what’s considered the toughest sport known to man.

*Trigger Warning - abuse & domestic violence is mentioned during this episode.

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Show notes

  • Who is Alicia

  • Not being sporty growing up

  • Discovering boxing at 28

  • Not respecting boxing

  • Working as a journalist

  • Breaking up with an abusive partner

  • Learning new skills in boxing

  • Feeling intimidated at the gym

  • Being the only female doing boxing

  • Earning respect

  • Not wanting to step into the ring and fight

  • Women being allowed to box in the Olympics 2012

  • Being a pioneer in the sport

  • Fighting for equality

  • Being changed from the inside out

  • How boxing changed other areas of her life

  • Being terrified and scared

  • Managing fear

  • Being in the moment

  • Being brutally honest and facing pain

  • Managing emotions

  • The power of visualisation

  • Training while working a full time job

  • The benefits of skipping

  • Moving from amateur to pro boxing

  • How boxing has changed over the past 30 years

  • The support and encouragement from men

  • Deciding to write the book

  • Being afraid of being vulnerable

  • Wanting to help other women by sharing her story

  • Why you should give boxing ago

  • The stronger your body - the stronger your mind

  • Building confidence through your body

  • The movie!

  • Who will play Alicia in the movie?


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