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June Costs - Appalachian Trail

So I probably should have done this ages ago - but to be honest, I was scared about finding out how much it did cost to do the trail. In my head I was hoping it was going to be around $500 a month!!! I don't think this was the case!!

I had two cards with me - my Debit Card for cash withdrawals and my Credit Card AMEX (American Express) for other expenses. Stupidly these card both have transactions fee and cash fees when I used them, which is not ideal. So I would not recommend using your UK cards while over in the States - due to the added costs (which I was aware of before I went), I just didn't have the time to change cards. So I ended up taking the hit instead!!


2nd June - Uber from Hotel to the Hostel close to the start of the Appalachian Trail

US$59.13 ( £46.09) + Transaction Fee £1.26

REI - (Jacket, food & miscellaneous) - US$316.78 (£254.32) * I think my jacket was US$160

14th June NOC Gatlinburg (Accommodation) - US$170.89 (£138.92)

15th June - Gatlinburg - Cash out US$303 (£238.16) + Transaction Fee £6.54 + Non sterling Cash Fee £4.76

16th June - Gatlinburg - Reagan Resort Inn (Accommodation) - US$45.09 (£36.60)

22nd June - Walmart (Food) - US$101.21 (£82.81)



Miscellaneous REI* I don't know how to divide up my REI costs as it was equipment such as bear cord, dry sacks, a write in the rain pen, and food - probably most of it was food! So I'll put it under here

Transport - US$59.13 ( £46.09) + REI US$316.78 (£254.32) = US$375.91 / £300.41

Fees - £1.26 + £6.54 + £4.76 = £12.56 / US$16.92

Accommodation - US$170.89 (£138.92) + US$45.09 (£36.60) = US$215.98 (£175.52)

Food - US$101.21 (£82.81)

Cash out - US$303 (£238.16) - I probably spend this on food!


Total Spend for June = US$996.10 / £809.46

Days on Trail 3rd June - 30th June = 28 days.

Cost per day* including transport to the trail

= US$35.57 / £28.90

Springer Mountain mile Zero - Chatfield Memorial Shelter 539.4 miles therefore 539 miles

Cost per mile = US$1.84 / £ 1.50


Can't wait to see the damage done for July - August & the beginning of September!!


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