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Moire O’Sullivan - Mountain Runner, Adventure Racer, & New Mum! Author of Bump, Bike and Baby!

Tough Girl - Moire O’Sullivan - Mountain Runner,  Adventure Racer, & New Mum! Author of Bump, Bike and Baby!

Moire is a a bit of an extreme sports junkie. She’s been involved in the mountain running scene in Ireland for over a decade. In 2013, she got into a relatively new sport: multi-sport adventure racing, where individual races can involve disciplines such as biking, running, and kayaking, on both smooth road and rocky mountain surfaces. Moire has adventure raced the Quest Glendalough, Gaelforce West and Westport Sea2Summit.

Moire ended up winning the Irish National Adventure Racing Series in 2014, 2016 and 2017. At the same time, her husband and her were starting a family, with her first son Aran being born in 2013 and her second son Cahal being born in 2015.

Moire has written two books, the first in 2011, Mud Sweat and Tears and her second, Bump, Bike and Baby in 2018, where she shares more of her journey with having a family while juggling training and racing across the country!


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Show notes

  • Living in Northern Ireland

  • Growing up in Derry

  • Being a juggler and balancing many different roles

  • Being a mother, a runner, an adventure racer and author

  • What she was liking growing up

  • Living in Kenya for her 20s before moving back to Ireland in her 30s

  • Getting into mountains running for the first time (both hating it and loving it at the same time)

  • Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA)

  • What she loves about mountain running and why she likes who she is while running

  • Managing the fear of running down hill at speed

  • The Wicklow Round - the history of the challenge and the planning involved for it

  • 2008 giving it ago and learning huge amounts.. What if I….

  • Mentally getting over setbacks and making the transition to wanting to give it another go

  • Why she doesn’t overthink challenges and focuses on breaking them down

  • Training schedule and working with a coach

  • Pregnancy, babies and the impact on her life and training

  • Judgement about doing exercise (running, mountain biking weight lifting), while being pregnant

  • What it was like after having her first child…

  • Susie Mitchell -Book “Pregnancy to Podium” and 4 months later winning a World Masters track cycling title!

  • Training for her next adventure race and breast feeding!

  • Losing bladder control while racing and what you can do about it

  • Having a 2 year old and a 4 year old

  • Her love of bike rollers!

  • The next challenge - Quest Wales (Adventure race!)

  • The Dennis Rankin Round - the challenge, 24 hrs, 40 peaks and starting at 3 am

  • Lets talk about pooing and getting your period while out running

  • Mud Sweat and Tears, Bump Bike & Baby


Social Media

Twitter: @moireosullivan


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