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Tough Girl Podcast Guests: Ocean Rowers (Part 1)

Roz Savage MBE - First woman ever to row solo across 3 oceans; the Atlantic, Pacific & Indian!

Rosalind “Roz" Savage MBE, is an adventurer, author, ocean rower and environmental campaigner.

Roz has rowed over 15,000 miles, taking over 5 million oar strokes, and spending cumulatively over 500 days at sea, living in a 23-foot rowboat!!

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Belinda Kirk - An International Expedition Leader and Founder of Explorers Connect.

Belinda has worked on numerous major international expeditions over the last 22 years; as a diver, field biologist, expedition leader, expedition manager, and award winning adventure film-maker.

She founded Explorers Connect with the belief, “there is an explorer in everyone and adventure is one of the best things in life”.

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Lauren Morton - Ocean Rower, Adventurer & Bear Grylls - Island Survivor

Yorkshire born Lauren did all the normal things that are expected, she did her GCSEs, her A’Levels and headed of to University. After graduating, instead of following a safe career path, she decided on a different route and in 2013 she and a friend set off to row the Atlantic. It was a challenge like no other.

Lauren is a 2x World Record Holder for rowing across the Atlantic Ocean, she’s also survived 6 weeks on “The Island” with Bear Grylls.

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Natalia Cohen - Adventurer & Member of the Coxless Crew:- 1 Boat - 1 Ocean - Fo4r Women.

Natalia Cohen has been travelling the world, living, working and exploring for the last 15 years. She has gained access and insights into an incredible variety of cultures and customs on all continents, as well as personal insights, and has charted her journey with beautiful, deeply inspiring writing and photography along the way.

2 World records were set with the Coxless Crew:

  • First all female team to row the Pacific Ocean.

  • First ever fours boat to row the Pacific Ocean.

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