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Tough Girl Podcast Guests: Ocean Rowers (Part 2)

Niki Doeg, Janette Benaddi - Yorkshire Rows - Rowing Across the Atlantic Ocean - Guinness World Record Holders

Yorkshire Rows is a team of four working mums who dared to dream. They are the first women to row across the North Sea and holders of the Guinness World record for rowing 3,000 nautical miles across the Atlantic Ocean during the world’s toughest rowing race.

I’m joined by Niki Doeg and Janette Benaddi, two members of Yorkshire Rows. They share their story about life-changing adventure, witnessing the beauty of the elements, and discovering who you really are.

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Guin Batten - a former professional rower who won an Olympic silver medal in Sydney in 2000

Guin was introduced to rowing by her sister at 19 whilst at Southampton University. In her early years Guin excelled in a variety of school sports, playing county hockey and athletics.

During this podcast we learn more about the set backs that Guin faced trying to follower her dream, from being told she would never make it as a rower, to being so broke she was sleeping on changing room floors. This is a story of courage and conviction and how by work hard, using everything you have you can achieve your goals.

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Cazz Lander - running ultras, doing 12 challenges in 12 months & training to row the pacific ocean!

In June 2018, Cazz is pushing the boat out (pun intended) and rowing 2400 miles across the Pacific Ocean, she’s competing in the Great Pacific Race! Along with two other women she’ll row from California to Hawaii in a 26ft Ocean Rowing Boat! There aim is to be the first ever crew of three (male or female) to row the Pacific and the youngest crew of three females to row any ocean in the world!

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Laura Try - Rowing 3,000 km in the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge

In 2018, Laura rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic ocean, unsupported, in a team of four other women. The challenge took 43 days to complete and when the crossed the finish line in Antigua they were the fastest female team.

Laura was part of the tough girl - 7 women - 7 challenges in 2017 and we followed her row around Great Britain, a rowing journey of 1,800 miles in a mixed team of four, which took 56 days to complete.

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