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#5 Side trip to Mt. Oakleigh (1,286 m), Overland Track, Tasmania

#5 Side trip to Mt. Oakleigh (1,286 m), Overland Track, Tasmania

  • Day 4: Side trip to Mt. Oakleigh

  • Distance: 9.2 km

  • Ascent / Descent: 625m

  • Weather: sunny & hot

  • Accommodation: New Pelion Hut

⛰ I could not have picked a better day to do the Mt. Oakleigh side trip. After a lie in and breakfast, I left around 9.30am with my day pack (WaterWell bottle, snacks, sunscreen, waterproof, phone, go pro, lip balm, map etc)

🥾 I followed the signs and crossed over a small suspension bridge over Douglas Creek. There are lots of duckboards which keep your feet dry, while walking over the plains. Once you reached the trees, it was then the start of a pretty steady climb up tot the top.

🌲 There were some very muddy, rooty, and narrow paths to get through, quite a few trees were down and you have to climb up and over them.

There were a few small scrambles, but they were very manageable. Once

you got to the top it is quite flat and rocky, I passed a small stream and topped up my water. The path at this point wasn’t the easiest to follow and there quite a few cains which helped.

It took about 3hrs to get to the top and it was, a little bit quicker on the way back.

The final sections was following cairns, and it’s wasn’t quite as easy on the way back. I went off in the wrong direction and had to back track to the cain again before continuing. I wouldn’t want to be out there with limited visibility, I imagine it would be quite easy to get a little lost.

There were a few tricky sections on the way down and you had to make use of the tree branches and I had my walking poles as well which helped with balance. It was nice to reach the board walk again as then it was pretty much each going over the flats to get back to the cabin which was a good thing as the sole from my right shoe has pretty much fallen off!!

I think I’ll have to have a go fixing it with duct tape….

⏰ I arrived back around 3pm - the weather could not have been any more gorgeous!!

☀️ Blue skies and sunshine - it was a perfect day!

Make sure to go and follow -tough girl challenges on YouTube!

Watch the vlog NOW!


📚 My hike is being sponsored by @ciceronepress - Cicerone has a new guide book which launched on the 15th Feb - with everything you need to know about hiking the Overland Track 😀 Head to for more info.



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