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Melanie Vogel - Explorer, thru-hiking Canada’s Great Trail, 24,000km from the Atlantic Ocean, to the

Melanie Vogel - Explorer, thru-hiking Canada’s Great Trail, 24,000km from the Atlantic Ocean, to the Arctic Ocean and then on to the Pacific Ocean.

Melanie, ‘Mel’ is coming up to her 3rd Year on The Great Trail in Canada.

Mel 44, started her journey on June 2, 2017. She began in Cape Spear on the Avalon Peninsula near St. John’s, Newfoundland, the most Eastern point of the country, and will finish at Mile Zero in Victoria, on Vancouver Island in British Columbia—after going via the Arctic Ocean. Initially she started walking with a backpack, but she has now changed over to a cart which she pulls behind her. Mel has also gained a new furry companion on the trail, Malo her dog.

Mel spent 11 months preparing for the trail; researching, saving money, getting her gear figured out and sorting out logistics.

During this podcast Mel shares more about her early years, her passion for travel and why doing this journey was so important. She shares more about the challenges and frustrations as well as the joy and kindness of strangers. Mel will be the first women to complete the trail when she finishes.


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Show notes

  • Living and growing up in Germany

  • Deciding to move to Vancouver in Canada

  • Taking 2.5 years to go low budget travelling around South East Asia

  • Not wanting to come home

  • How her live had changed after travelling

  • Embracing a minimalist lifestyle

  • Feeling stuck and depressed

  • When she started to think about the Great Trail

  • Deciding to move to Toronto

  • Feeling fragile and lonely

  • Making the decision in July 2016

  • Planning and preparing for the trip

  • Doing it all alone

  • Failing to get sponsorship at the start

  • How everything just fell into place

  • Being told she was crazy

  • Feeling insecure about the trip

  • Gaining new knowledge to take on this challenge

  • Having to constantly defend her decision to walk The Great Trail

  • Dealing with her own fears and doubts

  • Gaining new skills and gaining confidence

  • Human interactions on the trail

  • Funding the challenge

  • The physicality of the challenge

  • Carrying a pack or pulling a cart

  • Dealing with the extreme cold temperatures

  • Going for more comfort

  • Having a dog and the new challenges that came along

  • Needing a hug on the trail

  • Planning on going to the Arctic Ocean

  • Having many end dates on this journey

  • Blogging while on the trail

  • Advice for other women on how to take on their own personal challenge

  • Learning patience


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