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What’s going to be happening to Tough Girl Challenges?

One of the reasons I’m doing the trail in 100 days, is because I run a full time blog and podcast and I would not have been able to take off 5 or 6 months to thru hike at a leisurely pace!

I still wanted to do the trail, and I knew if I worked hard (extremely hard!) at the beginning of the year, I would be in a position to take off the 100 days I needed to, and have everything run smoothly while I’m away!! (That's the plan anyway!)


The Tough Girl Podcast - will continue as normal, new episodes will be coming out every Tuesday at 7 am UK time! (Make sure you subscribe so you don’t miss an episode - you can listen on iTunes, Soundcloud and stitcher)

Tough Girl Extra - There will be no more episodes coming out until either the end of the year or the start of 2018. You can see previous episodes here.

7 Women - 7 Challenges - Part 4 will come out on the 28th May. Part 5 will come out on 1st October. You can find out more about the women and listen to past episodes here.

Tough Girl Daily - Will end on the 30th May. On the 31st May I’ll fly off to the US and won’t have access to the equipment to record it. I will start this up again from September 12th once I’m in Boston! Listen to past episodes here!

Facebook & The Tribe - I have an awesome team of women who are going to be looking after the Tribe (a