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Amy Rusiecki - Elite ultra runner (Completed 82 ultras and has won 33 of them) sponsored by Inov-8

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

Amy Rusiecki is a full-time engineer with a passion for ultrarunning.

Amy, who has been running her entire life, started out with orienteering when she was only six years old before moving onto cross country running and then transitioning to road racing (during which time she escaped to the trails to train).

During her ultrarunning career (Amy has completed 82 ultras and has won 33 of them), she has found confidence, joy and her husband.

She is the Race Director for the Vermont 100 and coaches other ultrarunners through The Run Formula.

She is a three-time member of the USA Trail Team, and is sponsored by Inov-8 and Drymax.

Amy, her husband and their kitty live in western Massachusetts and mainly race throughout the East Coast.

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Show notes

  • Who is Amy

  • Being a lifelong athlete

  • Finding trail and ultra running

  • Ultra running since 2007

  • Being a race director and working as a full time engineer

  • Waking up super early!

  • Being from an active family

  • Doing orienteering and becoming a cross country skier

  • Finding the right endurance sport

  • Running use to be a punishment when she was younger

  • Why she loves running

  • Signing up for her first 50 mile race

  • Doing her first marathon and trail marathon with her sister

  • Reading Ultra Marathon Man By Dean Karnazes

  • Doing a relay race and roping in her work colleague

  • Signing up for the Vermont 50

  • Her mental approach to running endurance races

  • Make sure you know your why

  • Being inspired by her friend

  • Doing a 100 mile race without her crew or her friends

  • 100 reasons why Amy is going to rock the 100!

  • Magical moments while racing

  • 2015 - The World Mountain Running and Trail Championships

  • Feeling bad for herself and just wanting to finish the race

  • Making the transition from being an elite athlete to a normal runner

  • Being more of a middle of the pack runner

  • Did she love the sport or was her passion for the sport tied to her success

  • Being ok with not winning

  • Not being able to live unto the expectation of other runners

  • Working as a Race Director

  • The gender split in the ultra races

  • Breaking down barriers in the ultra race space

  • Working with adaptive athletes

  • Wanting to welcome everybody to the trails

  • Having a policy for pregnant women

  • What it’s like on race day being a race director

  • Wanting things to be perfect

  • Top tips and advice for new runners

  • Remove any notion in your head about what that mile will look like

  • Why it’s about covering the distance

  • Top tips for experienced runners wanting to go after a 100 mile race

  • Why you need a race that inspires you

  • Why it’s ok to pick something that you may fail at

  • How to connect with Amy (she’s not on social media)

  • Beast Coast Trail Running

  • Working as a run coach through Run Formula

  • Plans for 2023 - combining running and travel


Social Media

Seven Sisters Trail Race - 12 miles of technical, single track trail on an out-and-back course with over 3,500 ft. elevation gain

Vermont 100 - 100 mile race

Vermont Adaptive:

Beast Coast Trail Running:


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