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Sarah Williams - Speaking with Hannah Stevenson from Cicerone about walking the Wales Coast Path.

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

It's always fantastic to speak about my adventures. I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Hannah for Cicerone’s podcast.

I am also sharing this episode on my platform as well just in case you haven't had the opportunity to listen to it yet.

Cicerone’s podcast is called - 'Footnotes' which is a podcast to inspire you about outdoor travel and activities in the UK and across the world. Through conversations with their guidebook authors, team members and other outdoor experts, the podcast offers plenty of inspiration and advice about exploring the outdoors. Whether you're an established long distance-trekker or have just rediscovered a love of walking or cycling, listen in to discover your next outdoor adventure.

I am on episode #49.

“In this episode, Hannah is joined by Sarah Williams of Tough Girl Challenges to talk about her experiences walking the entire Wales Coast Path in only 50 days.

The Wales Coast Path is 1,400km (870 miles) along the length of Wales from Chester to Chepstow, including Anglesey. The route passes through the Snowdonia and Pembrokeshire National Parks and many AONBs and can be linked with the Offa's Dyke Path for a complete circuit of Wales. You can find out more about the Wales Coast Path here.

If you'd like to walk the Wales Coast Path yourself, you can find Paddy Dillon's Cicerone guidebook here, and when you use the code "WALESLIVE25" at the Cicerone checkout, you'll receive 25% off all of our Wales guidebooks.”


Listen Now!

Click here if you can't see the link below.


Show notes

  • Doing the Wales Coast Path challenge

  • More details about the Wales Coast Path

  • Taking on the challenge in 50 days

  • Difference between fast-packing and walking

  • Being joined by Arry Beresford Webb

  • Walking, wild camping, and keeping stats

  • Talking about paid and gifted accommodation

  • Having stress-filled days

  • Finding people's kindness

  • Walking with Alex Mason

  • More on her wild camping experience

  • Her encounters with cows and dogs

  • Seeing interesting wildlife

  • Walking with Abbie Barnes of Spend More Time In The WILD

  • Challenging weather in Wales

  • Amazing sculptures in England

  • Getting to know more about Wales as a country

  • Walking the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path in 2021

  • Having many places to visit and explore

  • Talking about the guidebook author, Paddy Dillon

  • Speaking with Laura Kennington

  • The Wales Coast Path Guidebook


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