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Sarah Williams - Reflects on the end of 2020 and the start of 2021.

Renata Chlumska  - Adventure athlete who became the first Swedish and Czech woman to climb Mount Everest and in 2005 did a circumnavigate of the lower 48 States of the United States by her own power.

During this episode, I reflect back on the final 6 months of 2020 and the beginning of 2021.

I share more about my next challenge - the Tough Girl UK Adventure Series. Plus answer a variety of questions from patrons and members of the tough girl tribe.

I share more about what I’ve been up to during the covid months, how my goals have changed. I reflect on some of the smaller challenges, such as the #MarchDailyMile challenge with Inov-8, the 12hr walking challenges, doing 30 days of Yin Yoga and walking the Sandstone Trail (55k) in 1 day!

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Show notes

  • More info about today’s episode

  • Looking back over the past 12 months and looking forward to the next 6 months

  • The purpose of these episodes

  • Stopping to reflect on what’s been achieved

  • Reflecting on May/June 2020

  • Representation, diversity and inclusion

  • FB post - 5th June 2020

  • “Words are not enough - actions have to be taken to make change happen.”

  • The actions I’ve been taking to improve the diversity on the Tough Girl Podcast

  • How it works with the TGP and having to preload content

  • August 2020 - milestone month - 50,270 downloads in 1 month….

  • The power of the stories being heard around the world

  • August 2020 - starting back at the gym with a PT

  • Taking the time to think about what else I could/should be doing with my life

  • Looking at doing - Doctor of Professional Studies (DProf) by Public Works at Middlesex University

  • Women’s Adventure Institute - working on the vision

  • Having Rosie Swale Pope come to stay for my birthday in September

  • 3rd Lockdown in January 2021 and dealing with the UK Winter

  • Feeling sad in February 2021

  • Trying out the new Inov-8 Terra Ultra G270 Trainers to test out

  • Running in March #MarchDailyMile Challenge and having a purpose

  • May - Walking with Ellen Piercy #CheshireChallenge doing the Wirral Circular Trail

  • June - Yin Yoga 60hrs online course - not finished yet!

  • July 24th walking the Sandstone Trail (55k) in 1 day

  • Having the vaccine!

  • Thinking about the 6th Year Anniversary of the Tough Girl Podcast - 4th August 2021

  • Looking at potentially challenges I could do in the UK…

  • Reaching out to the Cicerone about sponsoring the Tough Girl UK Adventure Series

  • Plans for August - Walking the Anglesea Coastal Path with Alex Mason

  • Going to Run Fest Run (27th - 29th August 2021) with 2 tribe member

  • Winchester being the start of The Pilgrims Way

  • Heading home for my 40th Birthday

  • Heading up to Scotland - going to stay with Vici Royle in Scotland

  • Plans for September

  • How busy the past 2 weeks have been, and being included in 3 books

  • Ask An Adventure: Live Adventurously, Be Creative By Alastair Humphreys

  • The Story Powered Speaker By Norman Bell

  • Run Like A Girl By Danielle Brown

  • Money and patrons 2021 - 259 active patrons

  • Debt, Saving up for a new laptop, putting money into an emergency fund, saving for the Dprof

  • Working with Protein Rebel

  • Collaborating with Hazel Oakes - Muralist and Illustrator

  • Facebook Live for the Tribe - 4th August 6pm

  • The Tough Girl Podcast total downloads 1,782,000 - Will we reach 2 Million by the end of the year…

  • Has the podcast reached a plateau? Releasing 3 episodes a week in August and September

  • Being interviewing on other people’s podcasts

  • Am I approachable?

  • Answering Patrons & Tribe Questions

  • Podcasting advice and benefits of podcasting

  • Advice for supporting the Tough Girl message

  • Final Summary


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Take a listen to the solo reflections episodes which I’ve done over the past few years.


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