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Country Runners Guests of Tough Girl Podcast (Part 2)

Laura Maisey - In September 2016, she ran from Rome to London, a journey of 1,249 miles.

Laura knew something was missing in her life, she needed a change, she needed to shake things up! After being invited to attend a new project - “Project Awesome” Laura had no idea that it would change her life and she would grow to love running, so much so she decided to run home from Rome.

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Mina Holder - 36, Primary School teacher who has run the full length of New Zealand & Great Britain!

Mina is a 36 year old primary school teacher who discovered the beauty of long-distance running in her late 20's. She would say she’s very ordinary and just someone who has a love of long distance running and spending time outdoors.

She hopes by sharing the different challenges and adventures she has, that it might in some way inspire you to take that step to actually do the things you really want to in your life. She believes that just by telling people the things you want to do it will start to make them more of a reality.

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Lindsey Cole - Adventurer & Storyteller - Who walked the length of the Rabbit Proof Fence in Australia!

Past Adventures

2017 - Truck Tales - circumnavigating Australia with Truck Drivers

2016 - Walking the Rabbit Proof Fence

2013 - To Bude in the Nude- 150 mile roller-skate to Bude in a nude suit, because it rhymed!

2013 - Je Parle Franglais en skates - Rollerskating to Paris whilst learning French

2013 - Running with Kenyans - Turned 30 and wanted to run a sub 3.0hr marathon. It didn't happen!

2012 - Runkule - 250 mile run to Manchester playing the ukulele

2012 - Running to Wales - Ran from London to see a friend for a cup of tea

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Jenny Tough - Running across 2 mountain ranges - the Atlas of Morocco, and the Bolivian Andes!

In 2016 she ran across the Tien Shan of Kyrgyzstan, in 2017 she ran across the Atlas of Morocco, and most recently ran across the Bolivian Andes. In 2019 Jenny will be tackling her fourth expedition, the Southern Alps in New Zealand!

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