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Ultra Runners Guests of Tough Girl Podcast (Part 9)

Mara Hafezi - The Fit Londoner: Ironman UK, Wadi Rum Ultra marathon 2018 & The Speed Project running from LA to Las Vegas as fast as possible in 2019!

Mara had a massive year of big challenges in 2018, from training for her first triathlon and Ironman UK. She then ticked off completing a multi-stage ultra marathon off her bucket list by taking part in the Wadi Rum Ultra marathon in 2018. The race was held in the desert in Jordan, and involved running just over 250km in five days!

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Sharon Gayter - Fastest woman to travel by foot between John O'Groats and Land's End. 822 miles in 12 days, 11 hours, 6 minutes, and 7 seconds.

In October 2016, Sharon had run 186 ultras, 114 marathons and 119 off-road races of near marathon distance, some 419 events of 24 miles or further.

Sharon has raced across deserts such as the Libyan Challenge, Ocean Floor Race and Badwater Ultra-marathon. She has done multi stage races such as Marathon des Sables, Grand to Grand Ultra, Fire and Ice 250km, Trans-Alpine from Germany to Austria, Switzerland and Italy, Verdon Canyon, Al-Andalus Ultra Trail and Trans-Slovenia (winter edition).

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Jasmin Paris - British ultra runner who won the 268-mile Spine Race and first woman to win the race outright!

In 2016, she gained international recognition by winning the Skyrunning Extreme Series, and the same year she broke records for the three classic UK 24-hour hill challenges. In 2017, Jasmin gave birth to her daughter Rowan. She returned to racing by winning the British Fellrunning Championship in 2018, and thereafter the Spine in 2019.

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Véronique Bourbeau - Running 3,010km in 72 days, across Japan!!

Véronique is a French-Canadian ultra-runner living in Singapore. In the summer 2015, she ran 3,010km in 72 days, self-supported across Japan. This is the equivalent of 1 full marathon a day for 72 days! Véronique has raced in Japan (Sakura Michi, 250km), UAE (Salomon Wadi Bih Run, 72 Km ) and in Germany (100 Meilen Berlin). In November 2017, Véronique came first overall at the 'Melaka Ultra 100' mile race in Malaysia in a time of 21h 24 mins!

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